Public Service

Public Value

Public Leadership


1. To be responsible stewards of taxpayers' money.


2. To provide the best possible mandatory and discretionary services.


3. To build a Community of Choice where people want to live, work, and raise a family.


4. To empower employee innovation and productivity.

FY 2014 Budget

Information on the final FY 2014 budget will be available on the Budget & Financial Planning Department's website. Click here to access the website.


State of County Services Reports

Agencies and departments presentations on their respective State of County Services Reports will be made throughout the month of March. Check the budget schedule for more detailed information.

This site is regularly updated. Please check frequently to ensure you have the most current information about Johnson County's proposed FY 2014 budget.


Johnson County Government is committed to environmental and fiscal responsibility. To reduce printing costs and unnecessary paper consumption or waste, we encourage you to access documents from this website rather than printing them.